Chemical Medical Peel

Prices from £49

combine with laser genesis for a set

of 8 treatments for £499

Exfoliating peel are a great way to jump start your skins natural processes to help regenerate it, revealing younger, fresher skin cells.

They can also help to tackle problems with pigmentation, malasma, acne, anti-ageing and improve skin texture.

AesthetiCare G&T Peels use a highly advanced combination of glycolic acid and taurine.

The high levels of glycolic acid act as the peel agent while the taurine is there to soothe your skin and counter-act some of the negative effects commonly associated with skin peels.

Taurine is an amino acid that helps reduce redness and irritation, without impacting on the positive work that the glycolic acid is doing.

The treatment is safe, with no down time and no side effects.


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