Anti Wrinkle / Dermal Fillers

Mediskin Clinic offers non-surgical treatments via our partnership with AMS Aesthetics.

AMS Aesthetics was established by Amar Suchde, Mpharm, a Harley Street qualified aesthetic practitioner, trained by the world renowned Dr Vincent Wong.

AMS Aesthetics offer two treatments through Mediskin Clinic.


Anti Wrinkle Treatments from £180

The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin often known as its product name Botox®, is a popular non-surgical injection for men and women to remove any wrinkles. A naturally occurring protein, the toxin works on blocking nerve impulses, paralysing the muscles that cause wrinkles, subsequently giving the skin a smoother look. Botox® is most effective in eliminating

1.      Frown lines in between your eyes

2.      Horizontal lines on forehead

3.      Laughter lines (crow’s feet) on the side of your eyes.

4.      Migraines

5.      Excessive sweating

The effects do not become apparent until 4-10 days after treatment and then should last approximately 4 months, where you can return to the clinic for a top up.

Note: Botulinum Toxin Type A is a prescription-only medicine and will only be prescribed to suitable candidates after an initial consultation.


Dermal Fillers from £250 per 1ml syringe

This is a naturally occurring, non-permanent, hyaluronic acid gel that can be found in our bodies. Hyaluronic gel naturally attracts and binds to water, in turn giving that volumising affect giving you that youthful and refreshed appearance. As we get old, we tend to lose our firmness and fullness to our skin, so using dermal fillers is useful for areas of volume loss and to smooth out any wrinkles or folds. Typically used in mid-lower regions of the face, particularly for:

1.      The naso-labial folds (the folds between your nose and mouth)

2.      Lip enhancement and definition

3.      Smokers’ lines

4.      Eye circles

5.      Scar reduction

6.      Nose/Chin correction

7.      Cheek enhancement

8.      Jaw line correction

If you are interested in a treatment, you will first be asked to attend a free consultation conducted by Amar, where you are free to ask any questions. After your treatment a free follow up consultation will be carried out to ensure you are happy



Interested in our anti wrinkle treatments? Please get in touch. 

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